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Bespoke Solutions

At MAS Optimal we employ a host of bespoke services to enhance your operations, reputation or to help you stand out from the crowd. 

MAS Optimal have expertise in a wide range of business growth tools and techniques, we have also developed a network of like-minded trusted businesses that allow us to offer bespoke Lean-led solutions.

Bespoke services we offer with our partners




Covid Disinfectant




Specialist Recruitment


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Social Passport 
Site/Venue Entry System

Social Passport has been developed to support industry acceleration in the face of covid-19.   

We help bring both individuals, and businesses back together using Mobile to Mobile technology

o Connect with your friends, colleagues and clients face to face. 

o Can be used as Fit to Fly Certification

o FREE to download to all users & Venues


MAS Optimal Partner | Social Passport
MAS Optimal Partner | Social Passport
MAS Optimal Partner | Konsälidön

Global Consulting

MAS Optimal Partner | Konsälidön

We are at a crossroads.

Ideas and models which defined the consulting industry are no longer as effective and viable as they were in the past. Clients expect more from their advisors as they require that much more to survive in today’s market.

Konsälidön is the tipping point ushering in the new era in consulting. We have built a first-of-its-kind digital platform to connect organizations with consulting teams more efficiently than in the traditional consulting partnership model.

The future of consulting

Konsälidön is a consulting firm with a global network of over 200 teams serving clients in every major city across the globe.

Our platform enables us to operate an agile, decentralized and distributed global consulting firm with very low overheads – which means that our clients see only senior experts and lower charge-out rates. We have already grown to 200 consulting teams in our first year of operations and are preparing to grow to 4,000 consulting teams in the next five years.

This, we believe, is the future of consulting.



We solve our client’s continuously evolving problems by organically onboarding consulting teams with deep-rooted knowledge and decades of experience.




Our teams have deep expertise and bring global talent to regional challenges across 15 business sectors.



Our subject matter experts and industry specialists have over 20 years of experience in their domains and industries.



Our value comes from replacing the traditional consulting partnership with one that centers on transparency and open competition.


We connect organizations with the consulting teams most suited to understanding their unique position and providing appropriate solutions.



Our decentralized consulting structure works to foster trust between diverse stakeholders across industry and advisory.

MAS Optimal Partner | IDPMS

IDP Maintenance Solutions 

IDP Maintenance Solutions Ltd offer a range of services through our IDP CMMS solution to help you get the best possible performance from your plant or equipment.

MAS Optimal Partner | IDPMS
MAS Optimal Partner | IDPMS
MAS Optimal Partner | IDPMS
MAS Optimal Partner | IDPMS
MAS Optimal Partner | Mettle Training

Mettle Training 
Online Training


MAS Optimal Partner | Mettle Training
MAS Optimal Partner | Mettle Training

We support learners in gaining accredited certificates. Online training courses for employees, jobseekers & armed forces.

Our Goal

Our goal is to add value and enrichment to peoples personal and professional lives.

Mettle Training provides online and face to face business improvement courses at all levels for those developing knowledge and skills at any stage of their professional development journey.


Changing landscapes in the business environment with technological advances, transitioning workforces, competition, growth and development demonstrates how we need a forward-thinking strategy for investment in our people that is critical to quality for the future.

For Employers

Are you looking to upskill your team?

For Learners

Are you looking to become more employable?

For Armed Forces

Are you looking to become more employable for civilian employment?

MAS Optimal Partner | Mettle Training

Online Training Courses

These e-learning courses are Highfield Qualifications accredited programmes.

Qualify at Home 

These e-learning courses are Highfield Qualifications accredited programmes.

CPD Lean Management

These courses are taken by our experts in Lean Principles, offering training for beginners up to Lean Management Level.

MAS Optimal Partner | Mettle Training
MAS Optimal Partner | Compass Digital

Compass Logistics Global Ltd 
On-Site Logistics

MAS Optimal Partner | Compass Digital

A visual Logistics system that works on projects across multiple industries, getting the right product to the right place at the right time. 




System Features:

o Flexibility

o User Friendliness

o Error Messages/Alerts

o Menu Driven

o History

o Flexibility of internet explorers


Key Benefits


o Reduced CO2 Emissions

o Improved Traffic Management

o Save Time and Money

o Reduce Accidents

o Material Identification

o Co-Ordinate Materials Handling/Lifting

o  Clean Up Notices

o Waste Reduction

o Recycling and Waste Records

o Documented History of the Project

o Utilised throughout the life of the site

MAS Optimal Partner | WRD

Specialist Recruitment

WRD is a specialist recruitment company that takes pride in understanding their clients needs and also the needs of our candidates.

WRD specialise in the high technology, automation, engineering, manufacturing, environmental industry, oil & gas, IT/ telecommunications, sectors as well as media and Sales & Marketing specialists within multiple industries across the world.

WRD supplies only the highest level of candidates whether it be at the engineering level or through to Business Consultants, Managing Directors and CEO’s. Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients & candidates and provide a professional service that doesn’t end when a candidate is placed



What Makes WRD Different?

o We find the highest quality of candidates and ensure they fully understand the role and the company to which they will be submitted

o Before we submit any candidate we make sure the position is the right career choice for the individual and not just a job change decision

o Put quite simply, if we are not 100% convinced, a candidate will not be submitted

o WRD offers a “best in class” 100 day, 100% Rebate Guarantee Scheme

o WRD ensures “Complete Exclusivity” that live candidates will not be presented to any other clients during the recruitment process


Specialist Recruitment


We take pride in understanding their clients needs and also the needs of our candidates to create the perfect fit

High Level Candidates

We supply only the highest level of candidates whether it be at engineering level or through to Business Consultants, Managing Directors and CEO’s.

Long Term Relationships

We build long term relationships with its clients & candidates and provides a professional service that doesn’t end when a candidate is placed.

MAS Optimal Partner | Rapid Technologies

Rapid Technologies 
Workplace technology solutions

In a fast-changing Covid-19 world, Rapid Technologies has reacted quickly to equip our customers with the essential technology, software and services to deliver effective solutions to meet your workplace safety obligations.

o Staff Safety

o Maintain Social Distancing

o Keeping Staff and Visitors informed

o Reduced Surface Contact

o Collaborate virtually and in real-time




“The support from MAS was multifaceted. They were able to help across the whole value chain with strategy development; tactical operational challenges; business system enhancements; and manufacturing system simulation.
MAS adopted a coaching style among the senior management team to ensure that the changes required to bring about sustained improvement were achieved within a positive, forward-looking atmosphere.”

Matt Anderson, SVP

Rolls Royce


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